Great Pyrenees


Livestock Guard Dogs

The Livestock Guard Dogs here at Windy Ridge Livestock are The Great Pyrenees. We chose this breed because of their docility and kindness towards us and our children and their fierce protective instincts when it comes to the sheep and goats.

Our dogs are raised with our goats from the age of 2 weeks when we turn them in with a group of along with their mom. At this young age, its beneficial for them to be around what they will one day be guarding. By the time they are mobile the instincts of these great dogs are already at work.

We currently have 8 working guards on the farm. 6 Intact Females named Sable, Baylee, Tola, Josie, and , Etta and Tillie. 1 spayed female named Sasha who is the mama to Josie and Baylee. Doc is our stud dog.

All of our dogs are loved on and made over everyday when we chore. We spend more hours in our barn than in our house. All dogs come from generations of working lines and are currently working for us here on our farm.


We have litters arriving throughout the year as farms and individuals require LGDs. Puppies are raised in the barn with the livestock to better adapt them for their new homes and future as livestock guardian dogs. Contact us for more information and availability.


PLEASE NOTE: Our dogs are actively working dogs! They are not penned or tied up but work guarding large fields ranging from 25-200 acres. They guard anywhere from 25-60 goats at a time! They are alert, agile, and ready to chase predators at a moment’s notice. Puppies are raised with their mom and follow her and the goats around at a very young age. This makes for puppies that get a lot of exercise!


Occasionally, we offer adult trained LGDs. These dogs are over 8 months old and have been actively guarding our herd. By this age, they have experienced kidding and are well-suited to guard their own flock or herd. Please contact us for more information.

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